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    Error message: Installation completed but some optional components failed to install correctly.

    MPDAEF Level 1

      The above error message, with (6) at its end, appears when I try to download AI CC.  There are no fatal errors, just "optional" ones, but the program installation fails and there's no way to complete it without the optionals.  I've seen this message before with other program downloads, but those have been resolved, I think by running CC Cleaner on the entire CC installation and starting again.  I'd like to solve this without having to uninstall and reinstall my other apps, especially the larger ones, since the time suck is huge.  Has anyone else resolved this problem? 


      I've had lots of problems trying to get CC apps set up--some have been solved by Adobe, apparently, as they disappear, and a couple by me.  I'm also currently unable to download the latest PS bug fix, though the first one installed fine. Is this new system going to get itself sorted soon?


      I've run CC Cleaner several times--though no AI CC appears on the list--and have signed out of the Cloud and back in.  Computer runs Windows 7, 64 bit.