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    CC ==> Screen gets blank when editing text


      I am having this issue with the new PS CC. It happens whenever I try to add/edit a text. Pick the text tool, click onto the work and -- bang! -- the whole work screen gets blank. Depending on the project size it may get stable at a certain ammount of zoom and keep blinking (or go completely blank) at other zoom factors. If I finish text editing the screen gets back to normal. Funny is that if I type something, it will be there, so the problem seems to be with the viewport.


      There is someone else out there experiencing the same problem?


      PS: Currently I am going to download and install back the CS6 version as the issue reported above does not happen with it.

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          We've had a few reports of the document going black while editing text - and the cause seems to be out of date video card drivers.


          And remember to always update your video card drivers from the GPU maker's website, not Microsoft or the system builder.

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            yankleber Level 1

            Thanks, Chris, but unfortunately it didn't work.


            I made a full update for my graphic card (Intel HD 3000 family) but the issue persists. I believe that it's something else than simply update the drivers.


            Nonetheless I resolved the problem by simply trashing the Photoshop CC and sticking with CS6 that works perfectly...

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              I have the same thing with editing text as well as cutting out images.


              I have a wide screen brand new dell monitor and 12gb ram.


              Pretty sure it's not the computer....as yankleber says, CS6 had no issues.


              Let us know when it is resolved.....


              Update: I managed to get the latest AMD Radeon drivers updated and I must say, so far no problems anymore.

              It would be great if somehow during the installation of an update or a new version the install program would tell me, "please update your driver".

              Not sure if this is feasible but it would be great! Tks