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    CS6 to CC; PSD file not updating

    scott_mo Level 1

      Ran into a problem after upgrading from CS6 to CC.


      I'm making an animatic for a stop-motion film.

      A lot of the media I'm editing in Premiere is in the form of .psd files created in Ps and edited within a video timeline; they are recognized by Pr as video clips.


      Before upgrading to CC if I changed the .psd file in Ps and saved it it would automatically update in Pr. No render from Ps necessary.


      Now it doesn't, and says media pending, "link Media" is grayed out, and I can't replace the footage.


      I like working between the two programs with .psd files but for now I will render out video clips to work with.


      If anyone knows how to get back to my original workflow please let me know.