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    PP CC & AE CC: Windows lose focus, AE stops playing RAM preview


      I'm experiencing very odd behavior when I have Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC open at the same time. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to troubleshoot this issue.



      I'm working in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC and am noticing some very odd behavior where I'll be working in an application (any Windows application) and the Window will lose focus. For example, as I'm typing this question, the window will periodically lose focus, and I'll have to wait a second to start typing again.


      Another Symptom is that I'll be in After Effects CC, I'll press 0 to do a RAM Preview, but AE will stop looping for some unknown reason. It's never at the same time and it's always intermittent.



      • This only happens when I have both After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC open at the same time
      • With Sysinternals Process Explorer Open, I notice that CEPServiceManager.exe (Adobe CEP Service Manager) opens as a child process of Adobe Premiere Pro.exe. When this process is open, I experience the symptoms described above. When this process stops, the symptoms stop.
      • I think there's only an issue when the PP CC project has a linked AE comp in it.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      Windows 7 Utlimate x64 SP1.


      1. Open Premiere Pro CC and Create a new Project
      2. Open After Effects CC and create a new comp.
      3. Save the Project in AE CC.
      4. Add a solid to the comp.
      5. Save the comp.
      6. Drag the AE Comp to the PP CC project.
      7. Make a change to the AE Comp.


      Windows behaves normally. After Effects behaves normally.


      Symptoms occur as described above.