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    issue with Link tagging

    TheTubaboy Level 1

      Hi- I have some docs with a peculiar issue. They have URLs that are not tagged as links. They are active, however, and work, which I don't understand. But my issue is I want to tag them. SO I use the link tool and create the link, then highlight the text tag and "FIND UNMARKED LINKS". It does that fine- but then if I select ANY text in the document and try to find tag, it says "The Selection was not found".


      Thing is, I can see the tag in the tag tree. The document is completely tagged.

      Anybody else have this one? Pleas help....


      ACRO 11.0.3

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          a C student Level 3

          Greetings TheTubaboy,


          Unlinked URLs will function as links if the “Create links from URLs” preference is set – it is in the “General” preferences category. I keep it unchecked so I can spot unlinked URLs easier.


          You may be able to save yourself a little work by setting links using the Create Link right-click command rather than the link tool.  See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/acrobat/X/pro/using/WS58a04a822e3e50102bd615109794195ff-7cef.w .html. Be aware though that it does not always work as advertised. Sometimes I still have to add the tags manually.


          Sorry, I have not experienced the problem of “The selection was not found” except of course when the tag really does not exist.


          a 'C' student

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            CtDave Level 6

            The link that follows is to a short video depicting how to create accessible links. Although the version of Acrobat used is older the methodology is still the same for Acrobat Pro 9, X, and XI.






            Be well...

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              TheTubaboy Level 1

              Thanks for the tips. I was able to extract the offending pages, tag links and combine, seems to work.


              But I'm still interested to see if anyone has had this experience. As I say, you can select any text, use "find tag from selection" and get the not found error, even though the tag is plainly visible in the tag tree. ANd it occurs immediately after a "find unmarked link" operation.

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                raeben3 Level 3

                Does  this error occur at other times (i.e., on just opening the document) or only after "find unmarked link" operation?  If it only occurs after the "find unmarked link" operation and there are no other issues with the document (see below) then perhaps this is a bug and should be sent to Adobe's attention.


                I have seen a number of strange things in PDFs at one time or another.  I believe I have seen this happen at one time, and may have discovered, after further testing, that it was a corrupt document. However, all of the above comments and suggestions above are right on-- and you seem to have resolved the problem -- the Links are now actual links (not 'auto recognized links'); they are properly tagged-- both text and LinkObj are within the Link tag. The document is passing the Acrobat Full Check. Correct?


                Still, I wonder --


                Have you tested the file with a screen reader and, if so, is the text in question actually read properly? 


                Has the document scanned and then OCR'd ?


                Is the text you have selected to find actually visible within the tag?


                If it is not directly visible  (i.e., you can see not just the beginning of the pararaph but the actual words you have selected) try manually tagging the selected text and repeating the process.  Does the result change?


                When you select the tag that you believe contains the text in question with Highlight Text on, does it highlight the text on the page?


                How was this PDF created -- from Word, Indesign or ??



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                  TheTubaboy Level 1

                  Thanks again. It must be a corrupted file.


                  but to answer your questions


                  Screenreader says the page is blank. It wasn't an OCR job, came from Word. All the text is visible within the tag. When you select the tag, it does highlight the text on the page.

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                    CtDave Level 6

                    May not be applicable - but, if a "replace" page is used the page(s) can typically be 'seen' programmatically as a blank/empty page. 

                    Be well...

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                      raeben3 Level 3



                      On the other hand sometimes you can insert (not replace) a "good" page to replace a "bad page" and then delete the "bad" page and things will work out well.


                      Note: The tags for the inserted page will always fall at the end of the tags palette and need to be moved in correct reading order.

                      Sometimes this will  fix things if it's just one page that's wonky (if the gods are on your side).


                      Other times, not. 


                      A screen reader check is always in order... with or without weird behavior. Sometimes things can test perfectly and you'll get that "blank" response.

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                        raeben3 Level 3

                        As a note -- I often have difficulty with Word documents with footnotes, where a paragraph above a footnote continues to the next page.  Inserting a hard page return in Word in the middle of the paragraph seems to fix.  This is in Word 2010, running Acrobat 10 or  11.

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                          TheTubaboy Level 1

                          That was essentially what I did- the links were in the first 5 pages of a 70-page doc, I deleted 6-70 and was able to tag 1-5. I then did a combine of 1-5 with a separate save of 6-70. Quirky darned program....