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    No rendering with "heavy" effects in PP CS6


      Hi everybody,


      sorry for my English language, I haven't used for a long time.


      Now, I'm using a windows 7 machine, running an Intel Hex-Core i7 3930K, Geforce GTX 670 Signature2 and 16 GB RAM.
      Got no problems with Premiere Pro CS6, but one very ugly one.
      Premiere doesn't start rendering clips in my timeline, that contain "heavy" effects like "Mosaik" or "Alpha-Glühen".
      When trying, it sais "Unbekannter Fehler beim Erstellen des Films" and even the preview monitor remains black or freezes. No preview.
      More simple effects are no problem (like transitions or movements of the whole picture or photos).
      Where could be the problem?
      My graphic card is already registered as a cuda-supporting device and also adjusted in Premiere as hardware-renderer...


      I definitly need these more complex effects and can not understand, what could be the problem!


      Looking forward to your approaches...


      Thx for reading and answering!