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    MultiPage website built by EdgeAnimate

    Departure Level 1

      Hi All...


      i want each page of the website to have its own link = html file (To include unique title and meta tags), How can i do it in Edge Animate? here is the first solution that comes to my mind but it creates a BLANK JUMP when buttons are clicked and new pages are loaded.


      1 - I exported the main menu symbol and used it in every page as the main navigation

      2 - I saved each page as its own Animate project, ex: aboutUs.html, aboutUs.an etc..

      3 - For"Click" action of each button i m using:

      window.open("pageName.html", "_self");


      I m not satisfied though, there is a jump, blank page, for each click and transtion, is there anyway i can have more control on animations and transitions? This is the first time i m building a multipage project.