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    Encore: menu to timeline, stop at specific timeline and jump to another menu.


      I was wondering if there is a way I can do in Encore.  I click on the menu, it goes to a specific scene (timeline) and I want it to stop in a certian place in a timeline and jump to another menu.  Is that possible?  For example, I'm really trying to make interactive quizzes.  From the special menu, it goes to the first quiz of the video. After the video is played, I want to stop in a certian part (all quizzes are in one video), then jump to the menu with choices to pick.  It contains 4 choices in the menu.  If the wrong one is choosen, it will jump back to the start of the special menu but if it is the right choices, it will go to the next timeline to show the second video.  It goes on till there is 10 videos.  The last one (10th quiz) if the choices are correct, it will jump to the Main Menu, but the wrong choices are jump to the special menu.  Is there a way to do it?  Please help.


      If it is not possible to do it in Encore, is there a way so I can create an interactive quiz in the DVD?

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For DVD, there is a limit of one gig of menu and associated content. Basically everything other than your timeline assets. So subject to such practical limits, you would:


          Menu with Button "Question 1." button is linked to a chapter marker for question 1 on the timeline. That chapter has an end action set for Menu "Answer 1." The correction answer button is linked to a menu with another question button, or goes straight to the chapter for Question 2. The 3 incorrect answer buttons go back to Question 1 chapter. The user will be in a loop until they get it right.


          Encore is not made for this and will be clumsy. Programs with "scripting" (Encore does not have it) will make this more possible.


          But DVD is not made for interactive functioning.