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    Flash player refusing to work no matter what I do.  Been going on for months now.  Help?

    Mecha Panda

      Windows 7 (64 bit)
      Chrome (32 bit) (ver. 27.0.1453.116 m)

      Flash 11.7.700.225


      It seems like, no matter what I do, Flash player will not work.  Keep in mind that I have already tried disabling/enabling both the plugin that comes with Chrome, along with the plugin that you can manually install from Adobe, and that alone doesn't solve my problem. 

      If I try to play videos on Youtube, I get one of four results:

      1) "This video is currently unavailable," which can come up if I have one of the plugins enabled.  I can sometimes solve this by disabling both plugins, but that only works about 25% of the time. 


      2) The Youtube player just shows black and nothing else.  No audio/video and no indication that anything is playing.  Like with #1, this can also come up if I have a plugin enabled, and can sometimes be solved like in #1.  But again, this only works semi-occasionally.


      3) I get the prompt to update my flash player.  This can come up if I have both plugins disabled, and I have yet to find a solution for it (yes, I've already uninstalled flash with Adobe's official uninstaller, and reinstalled it to confirm I have the most recent version).  If I enable any of the two plugins, I get an error message like in either #1 or #2. 


      4) The video plays fine.  This only happens about 10% of the time, and is split half/half in terms of requiring the plugin on/off. 


      So far, I have done the following in order to solve my flash problem, to no avail:

      -disabled/enabled both plugins (mentioned above)

      -uinstalled/reinstalled Flash Player using Adobe's official programs (mentioned above)

      -tried using Firefox

      -tried using the HTML5 player as an alternative (never works)

      -disabled/reenabled every plugin one by one

      -disabled/reenabled all extensions, and even tried browsing in Incognito Mode

      -tried making an exception for Flash in Windows Firewall

      -scanned for and cleaned up any viruses/malware/adware/spyware