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    Replace Footage behavior

    Casey Pegram Level 1

      When I go to replace a clip in the bin with the Replace Footage command, everything is greyed out in my finder window except for the original clip. In CS6, I used to be able to select any clip I wanted.


      Is this intended behavior? If not, is there something I'm doing wrong here? Some option I can tick or untick?


      As it is now, I have to do an extra step of making the clip offline, then linking/reconnecting it to a different file. This also does not update the name in the bin, which Replace Footage used to give me the option of.


      This worked perfectly for me in CS6 and I use it fairly often replacing graphic elements at the end of shows and so on.

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          Casey Pegram Level 1

          Figured it out, kind of.


          If you've reconnected footage (e.g. when opening your project) and you told it to display exact name matches only, that's the culprit.


          However, I don't see why the two dialogues should be connected to one another. And especially why only one of them should have the option to turn this feature off, when the whole point of Replace Footage is to... replace footage!