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    File Upload component

    Willy jojo

      Hey Everyone,

      I have created a form in 5.4 using the default form components. When I test the form in authoring, everything works fine. An email shows up with the following:



      Download File Here - http://www.website.com${payload.path}/name-of-upload-field




      So if I submit the form in authoring, I can click the link to pick up the file, I can replace the domain with the IP address for authoring and I can get the file that was uploaded via the form no problem.


      When I publish the form, and try to submit it with the address above (using the domain) the file is not there. It is also not in authoring.


      I can't find any good documentation on this. How should this work? Is the file supposed to be sitting there on the publish instance or is it supposed to reverse replicate to authoring?


      What I am trying to do is submit a form that sends an email to someone who can pick the file up using a link.