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    Export help: best settings for 4K?

    benji.alexander Level 1

      I have a 1920x1080 timeline with 4kR3D footage as well as prores422 footage in premiere pro cs6.


      trying to figure out the best export settings. the best luck I've had so far is with H.264 and following settings:


      HD 1080p

      FrameRate: 23.976

      Fiedl order: Progressive

      Aspect: sq. pixels (1.0)

      Profile: main

      Level: 4.2

      Render at maximum

      VBR, 2 Pass

      Target and max bitrate - both 50, as high as they will go (is this the problem??)

      Use maximum render quality


      Most of it looks great but there's some definite slight artifacting, digital noise in places.


      Thoughts? Suggestions? Do I need to download another codec? I just need it to be as close to the timeline as possible...