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    HDR save/cancel is greyed out - bridge sooooo slow. PS6

    uhanepono Level 1

      Hi I am having more frustrations again with the HDRs engine. Now it opens and I can make some changes but it will grey out the open and cancel buttons if I move the cursor from the laptop monitor to the external monitor, forcing me to essencially force quit PS6 (something I have to do often enough in the last month or so. opening the HDR in the laptop window does not do this but hampers my workflow. I have an additional problem with bridge which hangs, lags, crashes and generally acts like it doesn't want to do anything I want it to. I have recently swithced to a VPN server and after that is when things started to get strange. I know bridge needs an open port now but so perhaps it's that. These things; the external monitor and the VPN are just as important as PS6 so.. How can I config things so they run smoothly? thanks. Perhaps if I replaced the external monitor for one with a faster refresh rate? Found a way to bypass dinamic link??? I would LOVE to find a way to do that!!! dynamic link is a real drag (literally).

      I am on a macbook pro with 8GB RAM, 500 GB HD and a samsung synchmaster not mirrored.....I want to append that either monitor will cause the HDR dialog to grey out save/cancel. If I change from one app to another. THIS is what is causing it! HOW can I fix?? I will update as I see there is a new version. And report back to this thread.......It indicates that the app is up to date. No updates available. I had this problem with HDR pro early on with PS6. and the same problem is back, rendering the fooling thing useless - it freezes me out of any further actions causing me to have to force quit to get back into PS.... I had stopped using HDR pro when I upgraded to PC6 from 5.1 for this reason. Looks I will go back to good ole' reliable photomatix......Unless anyone have a fix????? Anyone?


      Here is what I mean


      Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.17.40 PM.jpg