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    Javascript - WebHelp and FlashHelp

      Our group been developing RoboHelp webhelp files for a software application and we are concerned that if Javascript is not enabled in the browser, our files will not display as intended (popups and DHTML links do not work). I've been looking in to flashhelp to sidestep that problem but again the files do not display in the intended way if Javascript is disabled. Any suggestions?
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          If you used Flash and wanted our people to see your product, forget it. Note that some companies do not permit the use of Flash products. Using Flash sidesteps nothing; it does limit your potential customer base.

          As for JavaScripts being enabled, there isn't much you can do other than state "JavaScript enabled" as part of your product requirements statement. You could use a script to test for state and if not enabled default to a page that lists your requirements. A quick search on the Web will yield many hits/samples.

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            Thanks, that's good to know!