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    Divide single HD project into two SD projects?


      I have to produce both HD and SD versions of my projects.  I create the HD project that will go to Blu-Ray first and due to the extra capacity of those discs, the project comfortably fits on one disc.  For SD, it always takes two standard DVDs for the project.  Having created poster frames and menus for the HD version, I would like to find a technique to avoid doing the same work for the SD versions.  I have found that using Replace Footage after saving the HD version as an SD version for the first disc works pretty well although the menus need some reworking.  For disc two however, using Replace Footage creates as many problems as it solves since the correct chapter markers and poster frames for the second disc are halfway down the timeline.  I have found dynamic link has not been an option in the past due to problems with Matrox Hardware for encoding H264 and the Surcode 5.1 encoder for audio not being available once your project is in Encore.  Because of this, I have to encode my projects before going into Encore.  If anyone else had found a better way to deal with what I would expect to be a problem shared by many in the community, please share.