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    Bridge wont open images in PS CC


      Hey there I have just installed PS CC last night along with bridge. both are located on the same drive (c). I am running 64bit. when I click on a DNG it opens in HP media smart photos and jpegs open in windows live photo gallery. I am assuming there is some sort of preference that needs to be fixed but i am not sure where to find that? I looked up the preferences in bridge but couldn't see anything there that lets me select PS as the default for opening images.


      Any help appreciated

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          MissKelly79 Level 1

          actually I have just found it but will leave this here in case anyone else has this problem. in Bridge go to Edit>Preferences>File Type Associations and select the particular file you are trying to open click on the drop down arrow and select browse. navigate to your program files on the drive you have PS installed in my case the C drive open Adobe the your PS CC file then select photoshop. Hope that makes sense im not very tech savy lol.


          The problem was when bridge installed it has "NONE" as the default file to use on all the file types when looking at the file type associations.