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    InDesign CS5 Won't Print Duplex




      I have InDesign CS5 and a Laserjet 2605DN printer. I printed duplex pages using InDesign with no problem on my old computer (Windows Vista) but now that I have another computer with Windows 8, I not able to print duplex.


      There's no two-sided option available in InDesign's print dialogue. I have to choose "Setup," where a popup states, "If the desired print setting is available in InDesign's print dialogue box, please set it there to avoid printing conflicts."


      I can print duplex from Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word... just not InDesign. I've searched for solutions, but haven't found anything related to InDesign. I'm hoping someone here can offer some help.


      I don't understand why InDesign wouldn't have a duplex option available in its print dialogue box like other programs do.


      Help, please...


      Thank you.

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          kspwft Level 1

          Okay, I read through a couple of "More Like This" posts mentioned on the right-hand side of this forum and one post mentioned setting the paper size as "Defined by Driver." When I checked my setting, I saw it was already showing "Defined by Driver." So, I changed it to "Letter." And that solved the problem; I'm able to print duplex now, thankfully. I hadn't even noticed the paper size wasn't showing letter to begin with.


          Hopefully this might be of help to someone else now.