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        Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

        I would recommend to use tiny urls instead of this link.

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          timklapdor Level 1

          Thanks Willi,


          Definately a viable workaround, but I don't understand why InDesign is choosing to parse and change the hyperlinks.

          I managed to solve the problem by creating them in InCopy instead. Same panels etc but InCopy didn't change any of the + signs.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Tim – this is a well known bug in InDesign CS6 that persists in InDesign CC.

            For the cause see my answer in #1:




            I will repeat that here:




            It seems that every URL that is filled in in the Hyperlink palette is encoded with something like encodeURI() (a global ExtendScript function):

            string encodeURI (text: string)

            Encodes a string after RFC2396.

            Create an UTF-8 ASCII encoded version of this string. The string is converted into UTF-8. Every non-alphanumeric character is encoded as a percent escape character of the form %xx, where xx is the hex value of the character. After the conversion to UTF-8 encoding and escaping, it is guaranteed that the string does not contain characters codes greater than 127. The list of characters not to be encoded is -_.!~*'();/?:@&=+$,#. The method returns false on errors.


            To get it back to a working URL we could decode it by "decodeURI()":


            string decodeURI (uri: string)

            Decodes a string created with encodeURI().




            For a remedy (or workaround) you could use the following script (JavaScript/ExtendScript) from me with an enhancement by Joe Fugate:




            Or a script snippet (JavaScript/ExtendScript) presented here by Peter Kahrel: