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    Which product to develop new game on?

    new2oop Level 1

      I have Flash games that are in Flex but mostly as3 so it wouldn't be a big effort to move it to Flash CC. I'm planning a big update to the games (new graphics, animations, sounds etc.) to really bring them up to date.


      My initial target is Mac/Windows App stores but also want to compile to Android/iOS App stores.


      I've been working with Flash/Flex for many years but what should I develop it in now?


      Most Starling apps seem to be written for Flash Builder - but Adobe have passed Flex to Apache.


      There have been some improvements in Flash CC but most of the effort seems to be going into Edge Animate but Javascript just doesn't have the speed yet.


      Flash/Flex/Starling seems to still be the only choice for performane right now???? But are they a dead-end?