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    xml images alignment in flash..

    Emraan.Khan Level 1

      hi frndz....


      i want to align the thumb images bottom to top. but not top to bottom.

      my problem is that when i upload a small thmub image, it start from top to bottom,,, but i want this start form bottom to top.







      function minithumbs()






          wall._x = _root.gallery_x;

          wall._y = _root.gallery_y;



          var clipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

          var preloader = new Object();



              for (i =0; i <10; i++)




              thumbURL = myImages[i].attributes.thumb_url;


              myThumb_mc = wall.createEmptyMovieClip(i, wall.getNextHighestDepth());

              myThumb_mc._x = _root.thumb_height * i;

              myThumb_mc._x = _root.thumb_position = -3100;



              clipLoader.loadClip("shop/" + thumbURL,myThumb_mc);