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    Windows 7 + Quicktime rendering in AE CS6


      Hey Guys


      just switched from a macPro to a Windows Workstation specs are:


      Windows7 with ServicePack1

      intel Corei7 3970X

      64GB RAM

      Nividia GeForce GTX680

      Using Quicktime Version 7.7.4


      so everything runs smoothly till i try Rendering my comp in a .mov-Container Codec doesn't matter which one i take. Tried everything from Fotojpeg to DNXHD to png. Nothing Changes. As soon as i swiitch to avi rendering it's really fast. (Project rendered in 5mins whereas i cancelled the rendering after 15mins when trying to render to QT-Fotojpeg)

      I can't find any solution to this, anybody here have an idea?


      Thanks for the help.