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    Export to ePub creates duplicate images

    buck415 Level 1

      Product: InDesign CC


      I have a 100+ page document that contains a small decorative scroll on each page. If I were to position the image in a Master page, the image will explort to PDF and print on paper as it should, however I need to export the file to ePub as well.


      When I look at the ePub file in Dreamweaver, I see that there are 101 instances of the file... each has their own unique file name (sample: scroll-1.gif, scroll-2.gif, scroll-3.gif), but there really only needs to be one (such as scroll.gif).


      Is there a setting in InDesign that will allow me to export to ePub and re-use the same file rather than create duplicates of it for each occurence on a page?