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      Using photoshop CS4, all of a sudden about 2 hours ago something strange happened to comp.  Mouse was all over the place, ran virus scans.  Came up with nothing.  Decided it was the optical on the mouse and removed batt.  Problem solved... or so I thought.  Opened photoshop to work and when I go to "open" any file, all my folders appear empty, even the desktop.  ?????  Any takers on this one?  In a panic

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          partyINK Level 1

          32 views and nobody can help???  If I do a system restore will I lose files???

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            For a start off, System restore will not affect your data.  You mentioned trying to open files from Photoshop, and seeing empty folders.  Have you checked My Documents and Bridge?   Have you restarted the computer?  Why do you suspect you need to do a system restore?  Do you think it my be virus or malware related?  It sounds like you are using Windows, but which version?  Any other pointer devices like a tablet?  Is the mouse anything special like a multi button gaming mouse? 

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              partyINK Level 1

              Windows 8, no special mouse, just micro optical wireless.  On phone with HP.  It's affecting more than just photoshop, seems like system is being eaten away.  Yes to restarting, can't even find computer.

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                Heck!  That doesn't sound good.  Windows 8 is almost as much a mystery to me as anything Mac related,  I'd be unplugging my back up drives (which are external on USB3 on my system) just in case it is something nasty.


                Do you perhaps have wothing in a search window that is filtering out all other file names?


                [EDIT]  This is surely a Windows 8 issue rather than Photoshop, and I suspect you'd do better on a Windows 8 forum.