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    Activation of Robohelp9 fails, probably because of certificate error ?


      Hello Adobe-Community,


      you're my last hope.


      Since two days I'm trying to get a legal bought Adobe Product (Robohelp9) which suddenly refused to work, to work again.

      One day Robohelp9 told me to 'Please activate me', but it isn't happy with our internet connection.


      Adobe support told me that it must be a problem with our firewall (or the Windows hosts File) and so it's our own fault.

      I'm very (VERY) angry at the moment because we can't work with the product anymore!


      Okay, to the technical part.

      Please see this picture:




      IP is the IP of the host where Adobe Robohelp is intalled.

      IP is the IP of the Proxy Server (I've already disabled the proxy, changes nothing)


      As far as I'm understanding the TCP Stuff, it seems that Adobe Robohelp is getting the Certificate from

      http://svrintl-g3-aia.verisign.com/SVRIntlG3.cer .


      After that it seems that is sending an RST Packet.


      To me it seems that Adobe Robohelp is resetting the connection.


      Any ideas what is wrong here ?