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    How to export an indd document (selection) as PNG?


      Dear all,


      I have couple of indd document and each has one table (also one page per document). i want to convert that table to PNG. I tried to do so but the result exported with page size.

      I am unable to select that Table's text frame.


      #target Indesign

      var sourceFolder = new Folder ("/Users/admin4/Desktop/INS");


      var myFiles = sourceFolder.getFiles();

      //alert (myFiles.length);


      var destFolder = new Folder ("/Users/admin4/Desktop/folder5");


      //var destFile = new File(destFolder + "/" + i + ".png");



      for (i=0; i < myFiles.length; i++)


           var sourceDoc = app.open(myFiles[i]);


          var destFile = new File(destFolder + "/" + myFiles[i].name + ".png");


           sourceDoc.exportFile(ExportFormat.PNG_FORMAT, destFile, false);