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    Photoshop CC messes up text colors, layer effects and whole layers?!




      I was just working on several documents when something strange happend - out of nothing the appearance of fonts,layers, backgrounds etc changed. white color turned black. some layers had total different colors ( bitmap layers, no shape layers) - everything looked really messed up. I thought its some display bug in photoshop cc so I saved my document and restartet everything - fun thing -> it did save with these alterations.


      Whatever happend, I have the problem in 2 documents, i can't reproduce it - one was a pretty big psd file - the other one was a fairly new one. thank to timemachine i was able to recover my file but as of now I'm kind of scared what happend - did anyone encounter this bug? Can i somehow provide more info on that topic?



      Retina Macbook Pro 15, OSX 10.8.4 and newest photoshop CC via teamcloud.