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    Reading Querystring into FLASH variable

      I can't believe I can't make this work. I've even done this in the past, but everything I try, fails.

      i want FLASH to read the querstring value from the address bar, apply that value to a variable, and be able to use it. I've read the articles all over the net about grabbing the QS value in the page that loads the SWF and sticking it into the embed and movie tags as well as the ones about using PARAM=FLASHVARS etc.

      can't make it work.

      I can grab the QS value in the .asp page that loads the SWF, but I can't for the life of me pass that value into FLASH. Can someone please give me two things:

      1. whats the most effective/efficient way to pass the variable
      2. the syntax for assigning the value to a variable in FLASH

      Thanks tons all!