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    Display an image in tiff

    flexgabriel Level 1
      Is there any way to display a tiff image in <mx:Image/> tag?
      Any help is highly appreciated.
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          atta707 Level 2
          No. <image> won't show a TIFF. You best bet would be look for some tiff to gif decoder for FLEX, decode and show using <image> control.

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            Is there a dimension size limit on the display of gif/jpg images? I have a large format 14400x9775 image that refuses to load into an <image> (well, actually embedding via Bitmap loader in ActionScript), and it didn't work. When i shrunk the dimensions and upped the resoution, it suddenly loaded. ???? Can an image be "too big"?
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              buabco Level 1
              There is a limit to what a loader can display and is around the size you posted. Still and weirdly, the data is not missing, it's just that the loader can't display it. If you copy the bitmap data to a bitmap there is no limit to how big you can go.