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    CQ5 Author behind a proxy




      I am having issues with CQ5 Autor configuration behind a proxy server.

      Basically, what I want is to have all requests from (Firefox) browser proxied to CQ5 author for all requests apart from the requests to /restapi.


      The proxy is setup as reverse proxy. Pollign for /restapi works and the following endpoint is returning correct response: http://cq5authorproxy:8080/restapi

      The issue is with logging in to the CQ5. Login to http://cq5authorproxy:8080/libs/cq/core/content/login.html does not work and ends up with redirection to cq5authorproxy:8080/welcome


      Any suggestions on how to work around this?



          Listen 8080



              ServerName      pathcache.origin.com

              ServerAlias     cq5authorproxy


              DocumentRoot    /www/servers



              AddDefaultCharset       utf-8


          #       AcceptPathInfo On

              RewriteEngine           On

              RewriteOptions          Inherit

              ProxyRequests Off

              ProxyPreserveHost Off

              SSLProxyEngine On

              ProxyVia Off

              ProxyErrorOverride On


          #      RewriteRule ^/restapi(.*) https://www.origin.com/restapi$1  [redirect=permanent]


              ProxyPass /restapi https://www.origin.com/restapi retry=0 timeout=10

              ProxyPassReverse /restapi https://www.origin.com/restapi


              ProxyPass /libs retry=0 timeout=10

              ProxyPassReverse /libs


              LogLevel debug




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