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    Where to download Robohelp_CSH.js?


      Hi, I'm a webdev tasked with integating the context sensitive help for a robohelp application.


      So far I've assigned map Ids to all the topics in the robohelp project 1..n and now I'd like to use urls of the form .../index.html#<id=3>> to access the topics.


      I've noticed there is a different way of accessing a help files as well.


      I've read I can use an inscript call to RH_ShowHelp(0, strPathAndWindow, HH_DISPLAY_TOC, 1)and this will create the proper popup to the page with mapid 1.


      Either way, i think I may need to include a robohelp script file for this.


      Where can I find and download Robohelp_CSH.js from?


      Also, please write if you have any comments or suggestions. I'm an robohelp noob.