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    Can you create a website in DW then upload it to BC for commerce site?

    NiMo-Studios Level 1

      So confusing working from BC in DW. I originally thought that I could take my Muse or Dreamweaver websites, upgrade in order to get the ecommerce features, upload product spreadsheet, figure out how to populate the pages, and publish.


      Now it seems BC just complicates and confuses the process with its addition of modules and tags. Why does it have to be so hard? BC Gurus videos show features that don’t show up in my version. Can’t find templates to start from. Waisting hours trying to learn the relationship between the two (BC/DW). Seems like BC commerce is more work than other all-in-one packages. All I want is to take my design and make eCommerce operational.


      First mistake: Current project designed in Muse. When I upgraded from basic to commerce3, and BC started throwing in their modules, I got totally lost.


      Then, I imported BC site in DW, now I have all the mess from Muse plus BC and don’t have anything that I recognize which I can work with.


      All I need is a clear step-by-step list that will walk me through it. There are way too many videos and tutorials that are vague and unhelpful. Personally, videos take too long to sit through and try to take notes without having to pause and play - inefficient.


      Ask the question “what’s a module?” and I can’t get a clear definition.

      Same with “tag”! What is it, where do they go, I don’t even know what to ask.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to the web industry, BC makes things a lot easier with how it is produced and the avoidance of a lot of server side development if you was to use other systems. Managing layouts, tags, modules, CSS and HTML and Javascript is kind of basics of the profession to master.


          You will find guides showing features not availible to a plan if you are only on say a webasic plan etc as you noted. Muse is really not the best thing to get into not just BC but web design with, it does not teach you anything you need to know to properly create websites, especially even remotely more complex things. There is no clear step by step I am afraid, You have guides provided on these forums, you have the BC knowledgebase and sites like BC Gurus but really its learning what things are, how things are. Learning CSS, HTML, Javascript etc and implementing as you do so.


          A module is something that renders output of content in varius forms such as a menu or a web form. It can render a list of items created by a web app and more. A tag is a set of values or rendering content within the modules like web apps or other elments such as eCommerce.

          All of this is outline and more on the guide sites such as BC Gurus and the KB: