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    How to code in Edge Animate?

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      to many of you this is probably a silly question. I'm a designer and have some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, but pretty much nothing about javascript and coding in general.


      I discovered edge animate as an amazing tool just short time ago. I would like to do more stuff with it but realize every day that I will stay very limited if I cannot code.


      Therefore I would like to ask you which coding language do I have to learn to be able to customize my edge animate animations?

      Is it simply javascript? Or can I do a lot of things already by using only jquery?

      Does edge animate also have some commands of it's own?


      Maybe you also have a good source for online learning? I have a subscription to the video2brain learning platform.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would try to learn javascript and jquery. Then a good knowledge of CSS is also good. When you understand how it works, if you do not remember css you can always google it. Answers are all over the internet and w3School is great.



          If you know the basics of logic in programing you will pick up JS pretty fast. There are also lots of samples on the internet. If you do not know how to do something, there is someone out there that has posted the answer. The more you use it, the easiest it will become and you will start writting the code you need for your own purposes.


          This forum offers multiple answers to common questions. Just search it and you should find what you need. If not, ask the question and you should get an answer pretty fast.


          Good luck!


          and let me add: I really enjoy Animate which like Flash provides the best of 2 worlds: creativity and coding.