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    Render has ruined my editing


      I was happily learning Premiere Elements 10 (via Lynda.com) while editing a half-hour, uncut HD interview, having added only three title shots and two closing credit shots, when I finally figured out how to "render" my piece (dragging the gray work bar to the end of my edit, then hitting Enter).


      All seemed to be going well, until the rendering slowed to a snail's pace at the 25% mark, with a 40-minute estimate to finish (while the entire piece is only 35 minutes long).  So I cancelled the Render.


      Now my two opening credit shots (one scroll, one static) that have a green bar above refuse to show up in the preview monitor, and when Play enters the body interview, I can hear the audio but the video remains invisible until and unless I Pause the playback. The picture appears, and Playing is ok from then on, even to the end credit shots.


      So has rendering overloaded my system?  I'll continue editing and not try to render the rest of the piece, but is there something I can do to un-do what I did, or somehow otherwise make the video play properly?  (And also, I anticipate that when I'm done editing--adding one brief lower thirds in the body of the interview--and go to render the entire video, it might take a day to render the darned thing!  Am I correct?)


      If someone responds to this posting, I'd be happy to provide other technical setting information if necessary.  Again, it has taken me a year to get around to using my Premiere Elements 10, even though I have 20 years of professional editing (mostly 16mm film) under my belt and can't exactly call myself a "newbie."


      I'm using Windows 7, with the video files residing on a Buffalo NAS (networked) hard drive.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Hi, GredEW2. This is the Photoshop Elements forum, and very few people here use Premiere Elements, which has its own forum. I'll move this over there for you.

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            GregEW2 Level 1

            Thanks, Barbara.  I can't figure out how my query got into Photoshop Elements.  "Premiere Elements" was all over the page--even in big headings--and "Photoshop" was (actually is) nowhere to be seen.  The cookie trail at the top even said Premiere Elements!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Please give us more details about the media you're using to compose your movie project. They are one of the chief causes of sudden rendering slowdowns.


              What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


              Which project settings did you select when you started your project? (You can see but not change them unjder the Edit menu.) If your project settings match your video specs, you will not see red lines above your video clips when you add them to your timeline in Timeline mode. Is this the case with your project?


              Also, have you added photos to your project and, if so, have you ensured that they are no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size? Oversize photos are the chief reasons for out of memory issues, slow rendering and even program crashes.

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                GregEW2 Level 1

                Thanks, Steve.


                I'll take your questions in order.


                1.  The video I received was shot professionally in a studio at Harvard University, and I don't know what image acquisition equipment was used (although I could find out if necessary).  I didn't choose any settings when I dragged the video into PE10 (I'll never do that again!).  The 33-minute interview has always been red above my timeline video clips.


                2.  The Properties of the 33-minute interview (which I never edited--I only added head and tail title/credit matter) says the following:

                Type: MPEG Movie

                File Size:  395.9 MB

                Image Size: 854x480

                Frame Rate: 29.97

                Source Audio: 48KHz-compressed-Stereo

                Project Audio Format: 48KHz - 32- bit floating point - Stereo

                Total Duration:  00:33:49:07

                Average Data Rate: 199 KB/second

                Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


                The Project Settings: 


                Editing Mode: HDV 1080i

                Timebase:  29.97

                Video Frame Size: 1440-h  1080-v

                Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)

                Fields: Upper Field First

                Display Format:  30fps Drop-frame Timecode

                [title safe & audio stuff]



                Format:  HDV


                Video Render:

                Maximum BitDepth unchecked


                     File Format: I-Frame Only MPEG

                     Compressor: MPEG I-Frame

                Optimize Stills is checked.


                3.  I have no photos in the project, except for one brief freeze-frame after one of my Title shots and after my closing credits roll.



                So, Steve, can you tell from this information what the problem may be?  You know, this show is so simple that I could save my 30 seconds of opening titles and 30 seconds of closing credits (where all my post-production time has been invested) and bring them into a properly configured NEW project, if you thought that would be my best course of action. 

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  If this is standard, consumer HDV (tape-based video captured over a FireWire connection), it should work just great in Premiere Elements. (Assuming you've got an well-tuned, adequately powerd computer and the most recent version of Quicktime.)


                  Just start a new project, and make sure to select the project settings for HDV video.


                  When you place your video on your timeline, you should not see any red lines above the clips in Timeline mode. And the program's performance and output results should look terrific!


                  I'm not sure if there's a way to salvage your current project. That's why I created my free Basic Training tutorials, so that folks wouldn't get too deeply into a project and then realize they'd missed a crucial first step.


                  Bill Hunt, on this forum, might be able to show you how to hack the project file in Notepad so that you can change the project properties. Otherwise, you may be able to use a program like Clip Mate to cut all of the media clips on your timeline from your current project and past them into your new, properly set up project.

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                    GregEW2 Level 1

                    Thanks again, Steve.


                    Pardon my ignorance, but where can I find your Basic Training tutorials?  I've gone through the Lynda.com ones, found a couple useful ones via tv.adobe.com, and a couple more via YouTube, but I don't know if you were associated with any of those.  Please provide a link or directions where to find yours.


                    With regard to dragging my source video onto the Timeline, it immediately indicates red, not green, with project settings either at HDV 1080i or DV NTSC--so is that an indication that something is amiss?


                    Finally, I'd like to read some discussion about what the minimum, and recommended, hardware I should be using (my PC Windows 7 64 bit desktop specs are Intel i3-2120 CPU @ 3.3GHz with 4 GB RAM, with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520)  I now suspect that I should probably have an i5 or i7, and maybe a better graphics card.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      If you are editing true consumer HDV files, captured from a tape-based camcorder over a FireWire connection, then your hardware should be adequate. But then, again, if you were editing true consumer HDV, then you should not see red lines above your clips when you add them to the timeline. So I'm not sure what's up.


                      Although, you DO say that these files were from a "professional" HDV camcorder, so it is possible that they're not compatible with Premiere Elements. Hard to say without know the specific model of camcorder and how the video was captured to a computer.


                      Meantime, my Basic Training tutorials can be found in the Premiere Elements FAQs. There's on the right side of this forum page, and there's a whole library of great information there.


                      Here's the FAQ about my tutorials.


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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Just noticed something in the MediaInfo data you listed above.


                        Your frame size is listed as 854x480!


                        This could definitely be at the root of your problems. Somebody has converted this video to a non-standard video format -- square pixel wide-screen MPEG.


                        I guess I misunderstood when I saw HDV. Your project was set up for HDV. Your video is square pixel, standard def widescreen.


                        You can try setting up a project for Hard Disk Camcorder, widescreen, and you may be able to edit your video in it. Since it's a non-standard format, you'll need to render your timeline whenever you see red lines above your clips in order to keep the program stable -- but you should be able to produce a decent-looking DVD out of it.