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    Problems adding .flv file to project


      Good morning all, :o)


      I am an absolute novice at this so please forgive my terminology (I may use hi-tech words like "thingie" and "doohickey"). I've have been searching for a solution to my problem for hours and haven't been able to find one yet.


      I have several videos that I am combining into one project. All are .mp4 format except one which is .flv. I am unable to add the .flv file with the rest, getting a response of missing codex. I have tried converting the file to .mp4 but I then have no sound. I've also tried converting it to .avi but get the missing codex error with that.


      I'm liking the ease that I can put a project together in Premiere Elements (v 11) and have had little problems other than this. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to solve this dilemma? Any help and hints will be greatly appreciated!