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    Why is Export so slow?


      First few days with Premiere CC...


      I set up a timeline with XDCAM HD422 preset.


      Finished editing a :30, everything rendered (green), and went to Export as XDCAM Quicktime with matching settings.


      The export took nearly FIFTEEN minutes.


      By comparison, the same sequence in FCP 7, rendered, takes only SIX seconds to export.


      I don't understand what Media Encoder is doing. CPU was fully maxed out during encode.


      Is there a way to export what is "natively" rendered in the timeline? What codec is being used to render the timeline?

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          MHoecker Level 1

          That sounds much slower than my experience, but I usually export to Quicktime Photo JPEG or H.264 or sometimes MPEG 2 for DVDs.  Granted I'm on a GPU accellerated i7 system.  What are your settings that you have checked? 


          Max Render Quality?

          Use Previews?

          Frame Blending?


          To answer your last question, the codec used to render the timeline is set in sequence settings I believe.  I'm on my laptop sans Premiere right now but it's either sequence settings or project settings, I'm pretty sure.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Is there a way to export what is "natively" rendered in the timeline?


            Sometimes.  There is limited Smart Rendering capability in PP, where the original or preview will simply be 'copied' to a new file without transcoding.


            I'm not sure if PP is capable of doing that with QuickTime, though.

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              danzg Level 1



              I think I didn't have "Use Previews" turned on, hence it was re-rendering everything.