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    open topic id in new window & make toc visible


      hi, I want to launch a help window and show the table of contents. I've tried with parital success. The the releveant code is below.


      //javascript routes

      var helpRoute= "Robohelp/index.htm#<id=3>>";

      var helpRoute2 = "Robohelp/index.htm#<id=3>>newwnd=false>>cmd=none";


      <!---Approach 1 --> 

      <a href="javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0, helpRoute, HH_DISPLAY_TOC, 3)">Launch the help - RH API</a><br />


      <!---Approach 2 -->

      <a href="#" onclick="window.open(helpRoute2,'windowName', 'width=1000, height=700, left=24, top=24, scrollbars, resizable'); return false;">Launch the help - Window.Open</a>



      Approach 1 launches the help in a new window, but it doesn't link to the topic id.

      Approach 2 launches the help topic id in a new window, but it doesn't show the table of contents. I've tried several modificaitions on approach 2, replacing cmd=none with cmd=toc, cmd=glo.


      How can I fix the syntax or what should the proper route look like?



      I must add that IE9 is the target & test browser. I find it more proable that it may be easier to get the second approach to work. Any help is appreciated.