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    HTTPService Send and array parameter

      I am trying to post a set of xmls using the HTTPService. the code looks like this

      public function saveListDelegate( responder:IResponder, xml1:String, xml2:String){

      var variables :URLVariables;
      variables.xmlString = xml1;
      variables.xmlString = xml2;
      //trying to post http://localhost/app/data/xmlSaver.jsp?xmlString=<name id="1">...</name>&xmlString =<name id="2">...</name>
      var _service:HTTPService = ServiceLocator.getInstance().getHTTPService( "xmlSaver" );
      _service.requestTimeout = 3000;
      _service.method = "POST";
      _responder = responder;

      var call:AsyncToken = _service.send(variables);
      call.addResponder( _responder );

      But this piece of code only posts one of the xmls and does not send the xmlString as a array of Strings.

      does anybody know how to do this...