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    Brainstorm a better way to set up this mapping project


      Hi all,


      I've been laboriously working on this project all morning, and I think there must be a better way.


      It's a 100pg book that is essentially is a series of maps numbered and keyed to a table (here's a sample spread).


      The data all comes from excel, and then I'm plotting the points and adding the labels to the map by hand. This particular series of data spans three pages (20 per pg) though sometimes it's a single spread for a series. This is a living document (updated quarterly?), and the tricky part comes when this has to be updated, and content is added into the middle of the series. So, of course, that means renumbering the map(s). I think I remember reading about a way to do something like this with cross references, but have I also heard about documents crashing from too many of those in one document...


      Any thoughts/recomendations? This doesn't have to stay in InDesign either, if anyone has a suggestion about another process entirely for doing this. (I've considered Google Earth, but then wouldn't have a good printable version)