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    wsconfig "Access is Denied" error with IIS


      I have a new site that I'm trying to launch on my local IIS7 server on Windows Server 2008.  In the past, to handle mappings etc. I've always been able to run the wsconfig tool after creating the site within IIS without issue.  However, after the latest run I'm getting an Access is Denied error when I run the command from command line:


      wsconfig.exe -ws IIS -site my_site


      ...\ExecutedAppCmd.exe (Access is denied)


      When I tried to run the utility via the GUI, there are no sites within the initial dropdown for Configured Web Servers(See below).


      I'm am logged in as an administrator, and I'm running the command line as an admin so that shouldn't be an issue.


      This utility worked a month ago.  What could possibly going on?  Google is turning up nothing for me.


      I'm currently running Coldfusion 10 Enterprise.