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    Trouble setting up dispatcher for IIS 6 on Win2003 SP2


      This documentation for installation in IIS 6 seems to conflict with the release-notes.txt in dispatcher-iis-windows-x86-4.1.4.zip.


      The release notes only say to install the dispatcher as a "wildcard application on a site level".   Do we still have to set up an ISAPI filter as noted in the docs linked above?


      When I do set it up as an ISAPI filter I get an error in the Event Log that reads "The HTTP Filter DLL C:\Inetpub\scripts\disp_iis.dll failed to load.  The data is the error".  What data is it talking about?  Is there an issue with the disp_iis.ini or dispatcher.any?  Is it a systemic issue that the dll itself is broken? Perhaps this error supports the release notes instructions that says to install it as a site-evel wildcard application.


      Do I only have to install this according to the release notes?  Do I still need to create an executable "scripts" virtual directory that references the c:\inetpub\scripts which contains all the dispatcher files?


      Regardless of what I do, I simply get no indication that the dispatcher is being paid attention to (other than the failed loading as an ISAPI filter).  No dispatcher log file is created with my configured path in disp_iis.ini, and no events are recorded in the Event Log if I comment out the log configuration.  Issuing requests only ever returns a 404.


      Any ideas or suggestions?  This is a dispatcher for a publish instance of CQ 5.6.1.