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    PixelBender in Flash no longer compiles to machine code?

    jpaters Level 1

      It appears that the latest version of Flash (11.7.700.232 / 11.8.800.94) has removed support for Just-In-Time compilation of PixelBender shader programs into machine code. For example, you can compare the FPS of this animation:


      http://spinningowl.com/flash_experiments/PBTest_CPU.html?placeValuesBeforeTB_=savedValues& TB_iframe=true&height=660&width=650&modal=false


      with the latest Flash vs. any previous versions, and the FPS on the latest Flash runs at nearly a fivefold slowdown. I've verified that the PixelBender program is no longer running directly via machine code, but is instead interpreted by the runtime.


      Is there something different that has to be set via the wmode parameter or some other HTML parameter to maintain the old behavior? Or has JIT support been dropped entirely from PixelBender?