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    .Net DataTable Object different than CFC Query Object?

      Ok, I have a question.

      Here is the situation. I have a .NET DLL that I am calling from a CFC. (this is with CF8) So my CFC calls the .NET DLL function, and it returns a DataTable Query to the CFC. I then pass this Query result into my flex application. The flex application gets the data just fine. I parse the data into an Array Collection.

      Now when I try to access the data like I normally would, it seems to be malformed.

      When I access the DLL by itself, and bring in the data, it works just fine (without going through the CFC).

      Another twist....if I call the stored procedure from the CFC directly (not going through the DLL) then the data comes up fine as well.

      So the problem is....or question for that matter....is why when I try to just return the query object from the .NET DLL does it fail? Yet when I just go and fetch the Stored Proc directly from the DB (without using the .NET DLL) does it succeed? Isn't it the same exact thing? Is there something that i'm missing?