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    Newbie Here - Constant Crashing & Can't Load Files CS5.5


      A complete newbie here....I have started a project, imported clips, everything works great. I edit my sequence, I've got a create basic edited video. I save the project. That was a great days work....


      Now everytime I re-open a project, it sits there loading for what feels like eternity. The video never loads into the "program" viewing area, but I can see the clips and a thumbnail of the clips in the Sequence section below.


      And then it crashes while trying to play the program, most of the time.

      If it doesn't crash it's simply choppy and I cannot play the program still.


      However, if I start from sratch, new project, load clips in, everything plays smoothly so I don't believe it is my hardware that's causing the problem. I'm getting tired of re-editing the same clips over and over.