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    Hi friends


      can you  help me? How can i create a page number link in Index via script, please help me............ (if i select the page number in pdf it will go to further page)

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you trying to create a hyperlink, or a cross-reference?


          Are you creating the index by hand, or are you using ID's indexing feature?


          What version of ID is this for?

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            sriscript Level 1

            yes hyperlink for page numbers.


            For Example:



            Paine, Thomas, 34, 143

            paper money, 94, 100, 101

            Parliamentary system, 105–108, 195

            Patriot Act, 88, 116, 220


            This is index text, we need web pdf, there is linked all page numbers to related pages

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              ScreenNamesUnavailable Level 1

              Hi Srikanth,

              It sounds like maybe you are new to scripting (as you have not posted any code to show what you've tried so far)

              If you generate the index using InDesign's indexing feature, the hyperlinks are created automatically.

              If you create the index by hand, you're making life hard for yourself.

              Perhaps you would be better off regenerating the index with an indexing script — like Marc Autret's Indexmatic



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                sriscript Level 1

                i am a beginner in script. Your advice too helpful for me. I tried what i need that screen videos attached for your reference but i can't. i will try