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    Unsupported paths???


      When I try to have Edge Animate open an existing HTML webpage, it “sees” all of the images that are there but two. I am getting this error message: Unsupported path(s): /Volumes/Storage/Site FolderE/Resources/m5a.jpeg, /Volumes/Storage/Site FolderE/Resources/m16.gif


      All of the other images are located in the same folder and are showing up in Edge. My web editing program, Freeway Pro 6 has no problem in finding and showing these files. I can see them physically being there. I have tried and tried to somehow load these into the two places where Edge is showing them as missing files. Right beside the ? missing image is another image that is being found and shown correctly, so this is difficult for me to figure out.


      Can someone give any advice on this please?





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          Same issue, except mine is whenever I try to import a JPG (to use as the stage poster for positioning my elements). The Jpg is fine, opens in Muse like normal.

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            caslig Level 1

            4 things to try:


            - Update Edge Animate to latest version

            - Restart your computer and/or program or both

            - Make sure images are RGB and not CMYK

            - Get rid of any characters besides #'s and letters in the image title.. for example car_red-03.png becomes carred.png


            After I did these 4 things, it worked for me.. not sure which one fixed it. I'm thinking just restarting my computer did the trick.


            Hope this helps!

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              Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

              Did these images eventually refuse to show up ?

              I had this error also a couple of times, but couldn't see what was missing in my animation. 


              Could it be the space that seems to be in your path name ? ("Site FolderE")


              Personally I think it should be handled or understood by EA to temporarily encode such characters in the path to preview your animation (if that;'s what bugging here). There are many folders in my volumes with names including a space (or worse...)