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    Rolling edit tool bug in CS7


      I'm really sorry I upgraded to CS7. I'm in the middle of a multi-camera project. I typically make my edits add my transitions and then use the rolling edit tool to tweak the result. But the rolling edit tool will not work if a video transition has been applied. The cursor has a red slash through it. Often I need the transition to determine exactly where to position the edit. Please fix this bug.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The tool does work, you just need to move it around a bit until it shows.


          The issue is that the transitions are now larger vertically, so the area to 'activate' certain tools has changed a bit.  It's different, but overall much better once you're aware of those differences.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi terrystoneberg,

            Actually, you can roll the edit with the Rolling Edit tool with a transition in place. Just position the cursor silightly above (or below) the cut and the tool will be enabled. Drag to roll the edit as you normally would. Zoom in more if you can't get that to work.



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              terrystoneberg Level 1

              Thanks guys, for the help. It does indeed work, but I don't any situation where it is better. The "hot" zone where the tool is activated is so tiny vertically that it's extremely difficult to hit easily no matter how far I zoom in horizontally, unless there is a way to zoom in vertically that I'm not aware of. I know I can enlarge the track vertically but that does not increase the area under which the tool is active.


              But it works now, so thanks a bunch.

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                terrystoneberg Level 1

                One other thing. I found that if I change the trim preferences to "Allow selection tool...without modifier key" the hot zone is much larger vertically.


                Much better, thanks again.

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                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                  In my experience, the hot zone for selecting is actually somewhat larger than the mouse pointer would have you believe. Try positioning the mouse in the narrow area where it shows the Rolling Edit pointer, roll down to where the red slash appears, then click. You should find that there's a zone at the top and bottom of the transition where you can select the edit point despite the pointer icon's indication to the contrary. I entered a bug on this recently.