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    Premier Pro CC - open gl driver error code 3

    cjacs987654 Level 1

      Its happening again.


      ABout a year ago, I (and many others according to this forum) had ' numerous Open GL driver error code 3'


      I have recently started a project in PPro CC, and while working/editing no problems.


      the problem comes when I export to media.


      After a few seconds the attached error message shows. I have the latest drivers from Nvidia, v 320


      It seems the driver 'recovers' see bottom right of image, but pp does not




      I went back to CS6 to see if that would work , but for some very odd reason, CS6 will not open CC file. It says the file is corrupt. It opens everytime in CC


      I need to deliver a project in 2 days - please HELP!


      I am on windows 8 64-bit pro with van loads of memory/hard disk space


      Chris Andersonprem pro graphic driver error.jpg