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    Error in Memory Usage Graph?

      So I've been looking into a potential memory leak in an AIR application. I've started to use the Profiler in Flex Builder 3 Beta 2, namely the Memory Usage graph. Before this I used to use System.totalMemory for my memory usage profiling.

      Since Flex Builder 3 is still beta software I decided to compare the results of the Memory Usage graph against the numbers read in from System.totalMemory. I noticed some discrepancies between the two. First off, here are a couple of qualifiers:

      1. I'm profiling one AIR application in the adl using the Flex Profiler.
      2. No other AIR applications are running when the profiling is happening.

      Below are some of the numbers I'm getting. On the left is the output from System.totalMemory and on the right is the number displayed in the Flex Profiler Memory Usage graph during the same time:

      10407936 (Bytes) 1043K (I'm assuming KB)
      11399168 (Bytes) 1043K (I'm assuming KB)
      11014144 (Bytes) 1045K (I'm assuming KB)

      From the looks of it, I would presume that around 9.5MB of System.totalMemory is Adobe Integrated Runtime overhead.

      However, since this little tidbit of information on how the number displayed in the Memory Usage graph differs from System.totalMemory is not documented anywhere that I have found I need to verify that this is actually how I should interpret the numbers so that I can debug efficiently.

      Anyone have the answer on this?