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    Customised metadata - search for multiple fields?

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      Background: I'm logging a STACK of footage and attempting to arrange it all by a series of different keyword categories (the day the footage was shot, location, camera type, content type, key players, etc). Each category has multiple variables (ie: in the camera category the options are Sony FS700, Canon 5D, Canon 600D, GoPro). I'm adding custom fields via the PPr Project Metadata>Add Property function using a simple Boolean tickbox.


      Question: Is there a way to sort and search the custom fields? For example if I wanted to pull up all the footage shot on day 5, with the Sony, that comprises of interview content with a particular person is there a way to search for all these fields? I've been able to search for one keyword if I tag the material but so far searching and organising by multiple fields has eluded me.


      The long way round is to create multiple bins and/or sequences for each variable in each category by hand, but that's a little tedious and has the potential to bloat the project. Any ideas to solve the problem? I've come from FCP a few months ago so the metadata side of PPro is still something I'm getting my head around. Thanks for reading!


      EDIT: I'm running PPro CC for reference and can install and use Prelude if it helped.

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          For the time being I'm using a workaround employing titles above the footage to signify the relevant categories, and tagging significant moments in clips with markers, but it is perplexing.. Premiere seems to employ metadata in a phenomenal way - such that I haven't come across in any other mainstream editor - I just wish it had the functionality to sort and manage all that metadata it is producing beyond the search bar in the Project window.


          Premiere gurus and Adobe affiniados: am I missing something obvious?