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    linear presentation getting faster and faster

    nik c

      Has anyone of you heard of this (a comment of one of our clients running a linear presentation;

      I'm still having the same problem. I played this version with only Lotus Notes and Windows Explorer running. It seems to get faster each time it goes through the presentation. By the third repetition it sounds really weird and offbeat. I emptied the trash bin on my computer and deleted everything from my desktop. Do you know of anything else I can try?

      The presentation does not contain any scripting, and the music is imported into and resides on a separat layer. At the last frame it contains a go to frame 1 and play command. It is dsitributed to our clients as a Flash-created .exe file and was create dn Flash CS3.

      I have no idea what is going on here ...
      Thank ful for any hints ....

      Nik C